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Schnauzer Byte: In the car

Does your Mini Schnau love to ride? A lot of minis love to get in the car and go, go go! GW Little has some great pet seats and harnesses. Also, here are some at Drs. Foster and Smith. Always … [Read More...]

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Why the miniature schnauzer rocks

Here's why I think miniature schnauzers are so great: They are so freakin' intelligent I like to watch the eyebrow action on a mini schnauzer deep in thought. And, training a mini schnauzer? They … [Read More...]

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Proliferation of NuVet Pet Vitamins

If you start researching for a puppy, you are going to find a lot of breeders are promoting Nuvet┬ápet vitamins. After seeing the 40th breeder mentioning these miracle pet vitamins, I became suspicious. … [Read More...]

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