Schnauzer Byte: HouseBreaking with Bells On

Miniature Schnauzer Outdoors

If you are housebreaking your Mini Schnauzer and don't have a pet door, check out these Dog Doorbells. Your Mini Schnauzer would ring the bells when they need to go potty, and you would simply let them out (or, if you don't have a fenced-in yard, grab the leash.)Or the very crafty could probably make their own, since they seem to consist of sleigh bells and ribbon. … [Read more...]

Miniature Schnauzer Food Recommendations

Miniature Schnauzer Nutrition

A miniature schnauzer's diet is very important in maintaining their health. Mini schnauzers can have endocrine and skin problems, they gain weight easily, and their bodies sometimes have problems digesting fats and certain grains. Although mini schnauzers love table scraps, these really need to be limited. Good nutrition is key to keeping your miniature schnauzer happy and healthy. Talk to your breeder and vet about Miniature Schnauzer food … [Read more...]

Q & A: Miniature Schnauzer

Question:I have recently acquired a one year old beautiful schnauzer and I lover her dearly already. However I have also have two young children ages 8 and 9 and if they approach her the wrong way she will snap at them. What is the proper way to address this issue?Answer:Congrats on getting a schnauzer!! Here's to many happy years with her as part of your family.However, you first need to quickly address this very serious issue.There are some … [Read more...]