Schnauzer Byte: Choosing a Good Breeder

Finding a good miniature schnauzer puppy

When choosing a miniature schnauzer breeder, be sure to take your time. Look at a lot of breeders, and consider references from the AKC. Do your research. Remember no puppy mills, and no backyard breeders. Two things (out of about 50) to look for in a mini schnauzer breeder: 1. A three-to-five year health guarantee against serious genetic defects. (I'd run away from one-year guarantees, it can take three to five years for some … [Read more...]

Schnauzer Byte: In the car


Does your Mini Schnau love to ride? A lot of minis love to get in the car and go, go go! GW Little has some great pet seats and harnesses. Also, here are some at Drs. Foster and Smith. Always remember to safely restrain your furbaby in your vehicle. GW Little has a Dog Car Safety Video featuring their Lookout Car Seats. (Pic from GW Little) … [Read more...]

Schnauzer Byte: HouseBreaking with Bells On

Miniature Schnauzer Outdoors

If you are housebreaking your Mini Schnauzer and don't have a pet door, check out these Dog Doorbells. Your Mini Schnauzer would ring the bells when they need to go potty, and you would simply let them out (or, if you don't have a fenced-in yard, grab the leash.)Or the very crafty could probably make their own, since they seem to consist of sleigh bells and ribbon. … [Read more...]