In Memoriam

This is a blog all about Miniature Schnauzers. Miniature Schnauzers are the best breed of dog in the world—and I want to make sure we are all educated so that they will live long, healthy lives in caring, permanent homes.

Puppikins! Nixie as a pup.

I have owned 2 miniature schnauzers in my life. My first, was Lily, 1990-1999. And, most recently, Nixie, 2003-2007. Nixie recently died unexpectedly, and I will never be the same. She was our baby, our companion, and our friend. She was family. Even people who didn’t like dogs, liked Nixie. Her spirit, personality, and unconditional love is sorely missed. She is my inspiration for this blog.

May this blog inspire you to be a loving, caring and responsible owner, breeder, individual.

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