Miniature Schnauzer Food Recommendations

A miniature schnauzer’s diet is very important in maintaining their health. Mini schnauzers can have endocrine and skin problems, they gain weight easily, and their bodies sometimes have problems digesting fats and certain grains. Although mini schnauzers love table scraps, these really need to be limited. Good nutrition is key to keeping your miniature schnauzer happy and healthy. Talk to your breeder and vet about Miniature Schnauzer food recommendations.

Here is a list of great, really good, and ok foods for your miniature schnauzer. Also listed are sites that can give you information about raw diets for dogs. I compiled this list based on my own experience, vet suggestions, breeder recommendations, and research online. I’m sure there are more excellent brands out there that I am not familiar with. Choose one that both works for your pet’s health and that they enjoy eating. If you have a brand you love, tell us in the comments and I will add it to the post.

Miniature Schnauzer Food Recommendations

Miniature Schnauzer Food Recommendations
Great foods:
Eagle Pack
Blue Buffalo for Small Breeds
Flint River
Taste of the Wild (grain-free)

Really Good Foods:
Wellness (grain-free)
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul
Avoderm (great for the itchy schnauzer)

Ok Foods:
ProPlan Small Breed
Hill’s Science Diet

Raw Diet:
Raw Feeding
Raw Myths

There are lots of brands out there to choose from, this listing just selected a few that seem to work with our particular breed. Be sure to talk to your vet and breeder about choosing a food.

Also, if you are changing your miniature schnauzer’s brand of food, do it in increments by mixing in the new food with the old food and changing the ratio of new food to old food over the course of a few days. If you don’t swap gradually, you may find yourself clean up “schnauzer urk” all day.

Here are some links concerning dog food:
Recalled Foods
AAFCO definitions of dog food ingredients
Food Pets Die From – article
How to Buy Dog Food
What Wy-O MS feeds their schnauzers


  1. Melissa says

    We love to feed our three schnauzers Taste of the Wild, its a wheat/corn nasty filler free food. Comes in several flavors, salmon, fowl, bison&Venison, lamb. Our Carson has food allergys that cause him to break out in patchy sores so the content of the food is important. It comes in puppy or adult dry foods, canned foods and they even have a cat food selection. The price isn’t bad either

  2. Anonymous says

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  3. Posse Pals / Sheriff Tom for Pets says

    Nice Schnauzer blog! Your photos are really cute. I wanted to add that in the Innova dog food line, EVO is an excellent Grain Free Dog Food. I have two mini schnauzers who are on Evo, plus several clients with mini’s and they all do amazingly well on EVO. My dog had severe skin allergies, and combo of raw feeding and Evo brought him back to health. Thanks again for your Schnauzer blog.
    Misty and the Posse

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