Proliferation of NuVet Pet Vitamins

If you start researching for a puppy, you are going to find a lot of breeders are promoting Nuvet pet vitamins.

After seeing the 40th breeder mentioning these miracle pet vitamins, I became suspicious. Then, I noticed every breeder has a special, exclusive “code” for the consumer to use to purchase the vitamins. (I smell kickbacks)

It gets worse — some breeders make this brand of vitamin mandatory for the life of their dog, or the health guarantee is void. (Some even stated that this is the only brand formulated for their specific breed.) This seems a bit unscrupulous to me. While I think breeders can, and should, recommend things like veterinarians, vitamins, toys and food brands, why would they demand that only a certain brand be used? Or make a contract contingent upon it? Especially a contract that concerns genetic health!?

(Notes: I can understand a breeder requiring you to give your pup a monthly supplement, but the brand should be your choice. I can understand a breeder requiring you to take your dog for a yearly exam and vaccinations, but the vet should be your choice. I even understand requiring that you feed your dog a premium food, again, the brand should be your choice.)

These vitamins likely are good, but that isn’t an argument for making them exclusive. Nope — this could be a possible warning flag. Be sure to ask the breeder why they want you to exclusively use those pet vitamins, how many years their own dogs have been using them, how long is the health guarantee if you give your dog another brand of vitamin, and could they direct you to some articles or clinical studies to support the claims that the vitamins are essential to the dog’s good health.

By the way, is anyone out there a fan of NuVet vitamins that isn’t some kind of affiliate?


  1. Anonymous says

    Honestly I dont care if my breeder gets a discount or a kick back on the NuVet vitamins. I lost my 9 yr old dog to cancer and had one that had arthritis so bad he could hardly get around. My breeder recommended the vitamin for my old dog and for my puppy. The difference in my old dog is amazing..he is able to run & play again! The puppy has never had a sick day and if this is because of the vitamin so be it!

  2. Anonymous says

    NuVet is definitely a marketing/pyramid scheme. Many, many puppy mills use NuVet, so be very careful when purchasing a puppy when the 'breeder' requires you to purchase two years worth of NuVet to have a health guarantee. The people who are promoting NuVet recieve discounts and monthly checks based on referrals.

  3. Anonymous says

    The first comment said they were using the NuVet Plus for 12 years in 2007. The company was registered in 1997, so I don’t think the 12 years is correct.

    I had a breeder say that they required NuVet Plus to be used and that it would prevent cancer in a Golden (prevalent in the breed).

    I agree with the author … there is something not right about the marketing of the product.

  4. Anonymous says

    The original author nailed this one — NuVet is actually a multi-level marketing scheme. Breeders get kickbacks (discounts) for the amount they “sell”. The product itself is not horrible – there are definitely ingredients that will lead to a better coat and supplementary vitamins that may or maynot be lacking in a dogs diet. However, there are other ingredients that should raise some concerns … i.e. blue green algae if not harvested properly during the correct season can actually be toxic… oyster shell can easily contaiminated with lead. The real concern is that nutritional supplements are not overseen by the FDA, so anyone can make baseless claims about their supplements. I have no doubt that the creators of NuVet Vitamins were out to create a good product. The real concern is are we “overdosing” our animals on vitamins and trace minerals that over time may cause other issues? Why do hospitals not require all human babies be put on a multi-vitamin for life? I really find it interesting that I cannot find 1 non-biased university study that details clinical results. The only results come from those with a vested interest in the product’s success – and if you look at several breeders websites the text in the “must be kept on for life” clause in the contracts almost all read the same.

  5. marie says

    Hi- NuVET is a wonderful Immune System booster…I am NOT a breeder… My business is The Doggie Chalet Hotel… I love NuVET and refer many clients to the company. I get a small $$$ amoutn for referrals… That is just good business… But, I believe in the product and have used many others, in the past.

    This company Guarantees the NuVET Plus wafers..OR, they will refund the customer….
    Breeders may require the NuVET and a certain Dog food just to enforce good feeding and care. You never know what an owner will feed after they leave the breeder.

    If you want more info on NuVET, please contact me:


  6. Anonymous says

    I see where the questions come from, but I know a breeder who recommends NuVet Plus and she requests it because it is the only supplement out there that is all natural, no preservatives, and no fillers.
    MANY “Pet Supplements” claim to be as healthy, but truthfully can’t even compare!
    I was skeptical myself & did LOTS of research to find only AMAZING ingredients & results!
    The order code is because NuVet Labs is a wholesale company who mainly sell to breeders, groomers and vets, so when they recommend a regular customer, they can purchase. Otherwise they would not be able to purchase at the wholesale price, but have to find a breeder, groomer, or vet that sells it retail.
    So no worries! NuVet Plus is suggested or mandatory only for the sole purpose of helping your pet live a longer and healthier life.

  7. Anonymous says

    I wonder about it too. I bought a puppy from a breeder I have used before and who has bred many champions, so I trust in her dogs, but this whole NuVet thing is new with my current puppy and it just reeks of kickbacks. It was a requirement for the 3 year health guarantee (and I had fallen in love with the dog before hearing about the “vitamin requirement”), so he’s getting them and he seems to like them, but I can’t help but feel like it a bit if a rip off. NuVet’s website is pathetic and very uninformative. These could be very expensive doggie placebos for all I know.

  8. Anonymous says

    I’ve been using nuvet plus on my German Sheppard for 12 years. I was recommended by a breeder. My GS still runs around like a puppy. I DO BELEIVE IN NUVET PLUS!!!!!

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