Schnauzer Byte: Choosing a Good Breeder

Finding a good miniature schnauzer puppy

When choosing a miniature schnauzer breeder, be sure to take your time. Look at a lot of breeders, and consider references from the AKC. Do your research. Remember no puppy mills, and no backyard breeders. Two things (out of about 50) to look for in a mini schnauzer breeder: 1. A three-to-five year health guarantee against serious genetic defects. (I'd run away from one-year guarantees, it can take three to five years for some … [Read more...]

Miniature Schnauzer Travel: Link Rally


'Tis the season to travel. Here are some pet travel-related links: Pets Welcome PetSmart's Pet HotelASPCA's Car Travel TipsASPCA's Air Travel TipsTakeYourPet.comDr. Connie's Travel TipsTripsWithPets.comDogFriendly.comHow to choose a boarding kennelPetSitters.orgPet Sitter Tips (scroll down to find) Remember, miniature schnauzers are happiest when they are with the family. … [Read more...]