Miniature Schnauzer Temperament

Miniature Schnauzer Temperament

A miniature schnauzer’s temperament is not dependent upon its color. Whether black, salt & pepper or black & silver, the mini schnauzer is intelligent, loving and mischievous.

To have a mini schnauzer with the idea temperament, one must be sure to train and socialize the dog. Socialization of a mini schnauzer puppy cannot be emphasized enough, without it the pup can be downright mean to children, strangers and other animals. Also, train your mini schnauzer and stick with the training. Since these little dogs are so intelligent, they are constantly looking for ways to become the alpha of the family. If you let up, and they become alpha, it’s a hard road to get back into control of the situation.

When trained and socialized properly, mini schnauzers are the best family companion ever. They are sensitive to your feelings, love to play, love to snuggle, are great with kids, and keep an ear/nose/eye out for who’s at the door. Be sure to play with and exercise your mini schnauzer frequently. (A bored mini schnauzer is a destructive mini schnauzer.)

Genetics also have a say in the mini schnauzer’s disposition. Be sure to get your pup from a breeder that raised the puppies in their house, and breeds dogs that have good temperaments to start with.


  1. Anonymous says

    I have recently acquired a one year old beautiful schnauzer and I lover her dearly already. However I have also have two young children ages 8 and 9 and if they approach her the wrong way she will snap at them. What is the proper way to address this issue?

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