Why the miniature schnauzer rocks

Here’s why I think miniature schnauzers are so great:

They are so freakin’ intelligent
I like to watch the eyebrow action on a mini schnauzer deep in thought. And, training a mini schnauzer? They will test the limit to no end; tell them to “sit” and they will see if they can get a reward for “almost” sitting. Tell them to “fetch the ball” and they will try to see what will happen if they bring the bunny, instead.

miniature schnauzer
They love to be little helpers—ever present where ever you are.
Trying to use the bathroom? They want to pass you the toilet paper. Trying to shower? They’ll wash your feet. Trying to use the computer? They want to help type. Trying to read? They wanna know what you are reading. Trying to cook? They want to sample the dish, or “clean up” the kitchen floor. Trying to walk? They think it’s easier for you if they walk between your feet.
Trying to nap? Scoot over, you can’t nap alone. My Nixie woke me up, told me when someone was at the door, kept track of mealtimes, let me know when it was time for a break, and when it was time for bed. She was my little personal assistant.

miniature-schnauzer nose
They are sensitive to your moods and emotions.
You can’t cry without a beard in your face, trying to see what they can to to make it better. My hubby suddenly developed atrial fibrillation in his mid-thirties. Our mini schnau laid with her head on his chest the entire time, occasionally getting up to peer into his eyes or smell his breath. She would look at me as to say “Something is wrong with dad!”.

The schnauzer dance.
No, really, it is worth having a mini schnauzer just to see the dance. They frequently like to use a sock as a prop.

The miniature schnauzer sense of humor.
Nothing wakes you up like a wet beard on the neck. Nothing surprises a guest more than you, naked, chasing down the pup who grabbed and ran with your underpants as you were trying to put them on. Bent over to put clothes in the dryer? Watch out for a push from behind.

Their energy.
I keep checking for the battery compartment, because they have the Duracell Bunny beat.

Their low-shed coat.
Less hair/shedding means less allergies.

Their willingness to please.
If you ain’t happy, they ain’t happy. A scolded schnauzer is a repentant schnauzer.

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